TOKYO HENTAI CLUB – It all started in Shibuya. It has been a year now and in a span of 6 months, hungry gentlemen started to come in, when I mentioned “started to come in” there was a touch of humility in there. What I really mean is come-in one after the other. Everything has started to boom when the shop itself was renovated into a sexy red room and is hosted by two staffs. The good thing about the company is, we do not lie. We are very upfront and we do not intend to deceive. You get what you pay for and if you think its not cheap, that is because they are worth it. Mind you, the company does not offer full sex service, but how come we get  many a customer day in day out? Oh wells, service-wise, they are excellent.

On the other hand, Tokyo Hentai Club offers both incall and outcall. If you want to see the uncensored photos of the girls, you are mostly welcome to drop by our shop and have a look. Or you can just phone us up and have us deliver the girl to where you are, provided that you are alone in the room and no hidden plans. Pun intended.

Overall, You might think its not worth the try but trust me, being alone with one of these lovely ladies is all worth the unlimited shots! and…. they know exactly how to drain you.


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