MAYA of Tokyo Hentai Club Shinjuku

There is something about Maya that you might not see over the incall shop monitor, which honestly speaking, does not do her enough justice. Her smile is so captivating that at one glance will leave you nothing but overflowing lust.

She just started working with us for a couple of months and her clients were so happy that they keep on coming back and book her all the more. She is very quiet as we observe her during down time. She barely wears make-up which makes her very pure and very natural. Albeit, the competition in this kind of business is so strenuous that physical attributes should be the main priority, In Maya’s case, she can pull it off effortlessly.

Her level of English might is very basic but her customers find it so cute as she tries her best to speak of the language. Service-wise in her customers’ point of view, She is all out and works to please the customer.

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