TOKYO HENTAI CLUB – Every country, as far as I know, have a red light district. If its your first time in Japan, Shinjuku, (Kabukicho – specifically) is the house of all sex-related shops. To make it clear, however, Japan prohibits prostitution. Although, Japan is well known for all being HENTAI (pervert) they are very strict with following the law. There might be some loopholes, if you know what I mean, but it is very hard for foreigners to get through it.

Kabukicho is one of the cleanest and most discreet adult street. Yet, a lot of street touts wandering and dragging foreigners and rip them off at any way, you will never see these girls stand out wear close to nothing clothes and drag customers themselves. You will just see their photos posted outside and feel free to choose. from host clubs, soaplands, and daily health deliveries. Funny how Japanese think as they also have these Erotic massage parlor (topless girls will give you a massage and finish you with a handjob), Oppai pub ( where you can choose which boobies to play and suck), Pink salon ( Instant blowjobs), DVD houses ( where you watch porn) and a lot more. Name it, they have it here. But beware readers, these shops are so limited and very strict with foreigners. You are lucky if you get to experience it without them shoo-ing you away.

On the other hand, There are  a lot of foreign friendly shops, too. Its just that some of them may not be worth it and too expensive. And yeah, I will advertise it now that our shop is just few steps away to Godzilla that you see down below. Tokyo Hentai Shinjuku is open for all foreigners and what you see is definitely what you get and we have a very pretty and dazzling AV star working with us. Here is the link on how to find the shop! CLICK ME!

TAKE NOTE* The shop is a bit hard to find, though. You may call them in this number and let  the Staff assist you +81 80-4363-0044.

                                                              KABUKICHO in day time